Etsy API Call POST File

I am trying to create a digital listing with a file or upload a file to an existing digital listing on Etsy. So far I’ve been successful on everything except the file upload itself. Since the Etsy integration doesn’t have an upload file module, only an upload image module, I’ve been trying to use the Etsy API call module as I’ve also failed at getting an oath 2 token (Etsy page states app not recognised when using oath 2.0 module).

The files I’ve uploaded always give me the error “Either a valid listing_file_id or file must be provided.”

Note: when I replace ‘file’ with ‘listing_file_id’ and an integer I am able to find the file or it gives me an error stating that that file doesn’t exist. So I assume the problem is in the way I send the file.

I’ve tried sending the file data, using encodeURL, base64 and other methods, as well as changing content-type. Nothing seems to be working.

In the HTTP request module when choosing content type and selecting multipart/form-data you are able to select file, and with the upload image module you can select your image directly, however since I have little experience when it comes to coding I am unable to figure out how those modules send files (as stated earlier I tried using HTTP with the file but I don’t have a token)

Have you tried using Postman to see if it work there?

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