Excel 365 Error 404

Hi everyone,

I’m building a scenario to do this: Check a SharePoint folder for new Excel files, if new one is added, pull the data from it and create monday.com items in a specified board.

The Excel 365 module seems to get stuck when going further than mapping the worksheet ID, at this point it always ends up in “404 The requested resource doesn’t exist.”

Here’s my current draft of the scenario:

This is the third module setup:

I tested multiple different modules for this third step, but the 404 comes up every time.

The excel file has 1 worksheet with raw data inside, it’s not formatted in any way.

I checked the Knowledge Base and this forum, but couldn’t find anyone else with this issue. Is anyone able to shed light on this for me?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi there,

404 generally indicates that the resource doesn’t exist.

I found this forum as it appears that this error is a common issue - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64379785/how-to-solve-error-code-404-message-the-requested-resource-doesnt-exist-w

Hope this points you at least in right direction. :slight_smile:


Hey Gabriel,

thanks for your reply and help. I found different potential reasons similar to the one you described. If the resource can’t be found, why do the first 2 modules find the file and create bundles from it? It’s only the third step where it stops accessing the file. The resource you shared pointed at the potential issue being a missing table format inside the excel file in question. Since the file is raw and unformatted, I tested it and formatted the spreadsheet as a table. The issue persists unfortuantely.

My other idea is about access rights to the file. Our Business SharePoint sets files and folders by default to “those who have access can view/edit”. I’m not quite convinced that this is the issue, because, again, the first 2 modules are able to locate and access the file (Search Workbooks in SharePoint location and List Worksheets of the found Workbook).

I was able to fix it finally. Here’s what I did:

Checked SharePoint security settings (Make Connection in SharePoint needs to have read and write rights, check with your SharePoint admin on this)
→ Was correctly set, no adjustments needed for me

I also found a troubleshooting somewhere that suggested the data inside the Excel spreadsheet needs to be formatted as a table in order for the modules to find it. Tested with a file that had a formatted table, but same result: 404.

In my case the issue was sitting 20cm in front of the laptop: Me.

In the module where it gave the 404 error, I provided it with wrong mapping. For the “Worksheet” I mapped the Worksheet ID again. What is necessary in this field though is the actual worksheet name. Like this:

Now the module could correctly locate the data. Not sure why the Worksheet ID is not specific enough, but it is what it is. I hope this helps anyone having the same issue!

Hello @Vaapad

It’s truly great to hear that you managed to get this working! :clap:

Thank you very much for thinking about the community and coming back in here to share what ended up doing to trick for you. We all greatly appreciate it :pray:

Keep up the great work :four_leaf_clover:

Btw, this made me laugh so much :smile: