Excel data in attachment email

Hi fellow automators :robot:

I’m not sure how to approach a workflow and if it’s possible to do it they way I’m envisioning. Maybe someone in the community have a similar process.

My goal is to send Excel data in an email as an attachment file.

I have an Excel Workbook that contains a lot of data - and I want to send a subset of this data to different people. In other words, I will have to “Retrieve Data” for “Contact 1” and “Retrieve Data” for Contact 2. Send 2 separate emails with their respective subset of data.

Hope the task / instructions make sense.

The concept will be something like this.

However, I realized that to send an attachment file through an email provider - the data type should be sent as binary data right?

Am on the right track with my assumption?
Would you recommend to transform that info with CSV instead?

Yes you can create a csv file then upload that csv into a email as attachment , if not you can upload file to drive and then add as attachment it will map automatically .
You can easily subset them as well by router