Export multiple json collections data in one google doc


I want to integrate multiple json collection of one array into an unique google doc template with {{tag}} into. I certainly need another module to do that but I don’t know which one.

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I know this is late, but here’s the solution just in case :slight_smile: @kosmic69

There are few ways to do what you are looking for.
Ill illustrate a couple of them here.

Option 1

quicker to get working, uses (potentially) more operations.


This uses the “replace Text in document” module instead.

:warning: do not use IML syntax here. i believe it would break the module.
also make sure the variable text you do use is not there in the incoming data.

:information_source: The Set Variables module and repeater are there just a as a placeholder for the real data.

[[variable]] is added to the bottom of every replace so that you can repeat the automation always appending beneath last point in multiple spaces in the document indefinitely.
it can add multiple variables in the same collection, as one operation.

Option 2

This is significantly more operation efficient than option 1, when you are getting say 30 batches at once.
uses the same technique of leaving the “fake tag” in there, so you can use it again later.

option 2.B if you only need to run it once you can swap the last module with the make from template module.

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