Extract csv file attached from Gmail and map extracted data into another module

Hi everyone,

I always receive an automatic email with the information of one prospect. I have this information written in the email but also in a csv file (see attached file) with the name of the prospect, address, phone number, etc… I would like to extract the info from this file (or from the content of the email) in order to create a deal in Pipedrive.

Could someone show me how to extract the data from the file correctly?

I am using a Gmail “watch email” to get the email with all the information. After that, I am a bit stuck on how I can do it.

You can find attached the content of the email and the file attached to this email.

Thanks for your help.


Hello Guillaume,

Use the “Parse CSV” module


Thanks Loic,

It’s working ! I did not know this module existed.


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