Extract custm_field value from a Stripe Checkout Session

Hi all,

I need to grab a custom_field value from a Stripe checkout session.

I have successfully used Stripe API module to grab the relevant checkout session data from Stripe.

The structure looks like this:

I’ve been trying to use map and get to retrieve this value, but no success!


What am I doing wrong?

You probably need to specify the array index for the “data” and “custom_fields” arrays:

I’d try something like this:


Thanks for the reply Thomas - unfortnately I still cannot get this to work!

Do you mean it should look like this? :


Could you remove the get() function and copy-paste directly this formula: {{68.body.data[1].custom_fields[1].text.value}}


Thank you @Thomas_Gaillard this has solved my problem!

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