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I am creating a calendar for social networks. For this I am bringing all the information from notion (text and image that will be published). The general scenario I have is the following.

The problem I have is that when I go to use the “Get a file - HTTP” module, the file I want to take (which is in the Notion module) does not appear in the menu on the right and apparently I can’t access it either when trying to call it with the specific notation.

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You should not use a Text aggregator there if you still want access to the fields

You can either use an array aggregator or move the text aggregator down the line when you actually need to aggregate to text.

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Hi @Natalia_Arcila

The text aggregator combines all the Notion module data, making it inaccessible in the following modules. If you need to use the data further, please use the array aggregator instead. This will allow the data to be available for additional processing by iterating or using map/get function.

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