Extract information from E-mail body


I receive some automated emails, and I want to send some information from the email body to Pipedrive.

So, all the emails have this structure:

Lastname: Jar
Firstname: Sam
Email: jar@gmail.com
Phone: 0755844811
Score: 54

How can I extract just the text after each “:” so I can use them individually to map different fields in Pipedrive?

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

maybe this is way to simple, but could you not use ChatGPT for that?


I found the solution!
(If anyone needs it, I will write it down)
Text parser - with the next pattern:



Hello @Marks_Metrics :wave:

What an elegant solution! :clap:

Thanks a lot for coming back here and updating us with your progress. We appreciate it. :pray:

this is the better solution for sure!