Extract multiple lines from an email html table to MOnday.com

Hi guys,

I have a scenario that does the following:

  1. Watching emails with a certain criteria
  2. Using a Text Parser - Get Content from HTML Table
  3. HTML to text - Here im taking the info from Column 1 Row 2 since I used have only a header row and 1 content row
  4. Im taking the text extract above and searching it in a certain Monday board
  5. Once Step 4 return the Item ID, I use the Monday function to update the values of other Monday Columns with the values I received in the initial HTML table

Since all my mapping is based on looking for an item in Line 2 column 1 and then getting values from other columns in line 2, how can I do this more generic if I have several rows on the html table?

I assume I need to use an Iterator, but how do I say in step 3: "get the value of Column 1 and row N, starting from row 2 onwards), and the same question goes for step 5, mapping value from specific columns (this I know) and rows according to order starting row 2.

Man thanks in advance! :blush: :robot: :space_invader:

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Hi Omri,

You are correct, you need to iterate the rows:

Then in your search step you would use Columns[1]

Then in your Step 5 mappings you would do a similar thing as above, except change the ‘1’ to whichever column you want to map (in this case 4, and 5)

Let me know if this helps


Thank you @IOA_Harman It is working. I added a “Set Variables” after the iterator, its probably redundant, will try without it at some point :blush:

Much appreciated !!! :trophy: