Extracting elements of Openai response to use in another app eg notion

Newbie here - appreciate any help in seperating structured openai output into different values (same as their numbered neadings) which can then be used in other apps eg notion

I have used OpenAI to generate output from transcribed meeting notes in a specific structure,

  1. Meeting Details: date, time, form of meeting
  2. Objectives: primary goal or purpose of the meeting.
  3. Agenda Items: Identify and list the main topics that were discussed.
  4. Key Discussions: For each agenda item, a brief summary of the main points discussed, including any relevant background context necessary for understanding.
  5. Action Items: follow up action items, by whom, when

The output is numbered as above, and has the headings and content as above.

However, I cannot find a way to have each of these numbered/headered areas to be seperated with their content (they are multiple lines, not single lines) into different values and which can then be added into these header fields within a notion database.

I have also trialed this using mutliple openai prompts (but that uses up a crazy amount of make and openai ‘credits’.


When asking for help with creating a regex pattern for a text parser module, I strongly suggest you do not censor the text that you actually need to match.

Please also do not share screenshots of text (even partial text). Instead, copy and paste the text here as well so that we can run it against test patterns.

If you do not provide proper examples, you could be wasting our time as we have to guess your sample input. Not only that, you may not get the correct answer, or it may take several “guesses”.

Help us help you. Thanks