Feedback Requested on presentation called "Modern Automation"

I’ve been working on a 30 minute presentation to introduce to businesses. The audince is to consultants who normally do not do automation but are possibly interested in doing it themselves or help their customers. Could be used directly to prospective customers as well. Would love some feedback and advice: here’s a presentation link were you can comment or you can just give me some feedback here on the community.


The font is a little difficult to read especially on smaller font sizes and if all letters are captialised.

But I like the overall design and content.

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Yeah that theme has slide headers all uppercase. I’ll try to make sure the smaller font sizes are increased. I tried to keep as little text as possible.

Anything you think would be more useful to add? Anything confusing especially if this was given to someone who had no idea what automation or APIs were?


I think slides 4-6 could be better explained.

Also you might want to avoid talking about APIs, which is low-level than what CEOs need to hear. Use layman / broad generic terms:

Here are more slides you may want to consider:

What is Make?

  • A no-code automation platform that allows you to create Scenarios to automate data between apps across your entire tech stack
  • Formerly called Integromat (which might be familiar to some) but recently (in the past 1-2 years) went a rebranding to “Make”. Owned by Celonis
  • Similar to no-code automation platform Zapier, but much easier to edit a Scenario (automation/Zap)

Current Challenges Your Company Might Be Facing

  • Data stored in databases but needs development work (SDRs - software development
    requests) to create UI pages to extract and display data
  • To generate reports you need dev work to build queries to query databases, and manually run whenever needed, this costs time, money and opportunity cost.
  • Limited overview of what automations you are running, and poor visibility of where data is flowing to/from (especially if you are not a dev). If you are a dev you still need to investigate the codebase if changes are required or when errors need to be fixed.

How Make Can Resolve These Problems:

Common Use Cases:

Why not other automation platforms (like Zapier)?

(because it is likely someone already heard of Zapier, so a comparison here will be helpful)

Case Studies / Links to References


  • Security … Enterprise plan … on-premise agent? …
  • cost / benefit analysis …
  • etc…

By the way, your Canva presentation is read-only, nobody can comment on it.

Oops - I think I accidentally changed the rights on the share link, I set it to comment now.

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I am not aiming this at CEOs of large companies, or even mid size. This is aimed at consultants who may have heard of such a concept and I want to get across that Make makes it easier to leverage these APIs. I want to make sure people know that the alternative is programming the APIs with code and Make doesn’t require that level of knowledge of infrastructure setup. It’s like an API playground, but I am not sure that’s the exact term I want to use.

Thanks for the other slides, very thoughtful and I will work some of that into it, the presentation is 30 minutes so I want to keep it to 10-12 slides max if I can.

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Curious – what would be your top 3 reasons to use Make over a platform like Zapier?

I see it as:

  1. More control of data and ability to transform it along the automation

  2. Easier to edit the automation after it has been created

  3. Have ability to build a lot more advanced and complex automations

  4. For automations that run often, Make can be a cheaper solution

But maybe you see it differently in more important ways?


Thank you @samliew - I integrated lots of your terrific suggestions!