Filling data in a spreadsheet from a CURL command

Hi there,

I am trying to connect to Forecast API GitHub - Forecast-it/API: API documentation for the Forecast platform

I have tried to run the curl command and it works perfect, it gives me a JSON of all my projects.

curl -X GET “” -H “X-FORECAST-API-KEY: {API-key}”

I am trying to replicate this in Make and dump the data in a spreadsheet.

I managed to replicate the curl command as a http request with X-FORECAST-API-KEY as a header.

I add a module for adding a row in google sheet, but It only adds the first project, not the rest.

How can I make it so it writes all the elements and not just the first?

I am new in Make as you can imagine…



Please share some more information @PRC , such as the part you are stuck with, and screenshots so we can see what you are trying to achieve

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Sure Bjorn
Here is a picture of my Make scenario

And a piece of the formatted Json, to understand a bit better (I cannot share everything)

Then the output in a google sheet:

As you can see I have several Ids in the Json that I would like to export to the google sheet, but only one , the first one, is exported to the google sheet.

I hope this helps.



So I’ll add more info: I added an iterator which seems to output the information right

After the iterator the actions in google sheet are always through the bundle 1

I don’t understand why the google sheet module always uses the bundle 1 as input… instead of going through the bundles

I think I solved it through the mapping process in the sheet module. Putting a smaller sample did the trick. I think it might be related to some fields being an actual array

just make sure you iterate the actual array, and you map the items inside the google sheet. It will do the trick. Sometimes the iterrator does not show all items, just type {{module no.key}} and it should also work.