Filter and substring not working

Could someone tell me why this filter is failing? not sure what ive done wrong?


If I understood right, you are trying to filter the Name that has Failed, but in your case the value is HBWO027265 / Failed and the formula substring(10.Name; 13; 6) will result 7265 /

The correct formula that you need is:

{{substring(10.Name; 13; 19)}}

because the second parameter (19) has to be the final index.

String functions | substring (


Another way to do this is searching for Failed:
:information_source: There are more details about it at: Function contains using Regex - Nerd-Zone - Make Community (

Ah of course, i think it was to late to be looking at that, such a silly mistake, i was referencing the length from a start point not putting in the end point, i think i went into excel mode.

Thanks for your help all working now