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I am trying to create an automation to send out a reminder for a car service via email or text a week before a client’s service is due.

In the pic shown, the data is entered into an google sheet (if there are better client input database, let me know!), and I’ve tried to set the filter to send out an email or text to the customer 7 days from today. I am intending the automation to run daily in the morning.

Any help is appreciated.


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You might need to use the built-in function parseDate to convert the date string from sheets into a date variable, so that you can compare date against another date.

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Thanks for the reply.

Hope this is what you meant

And would you recommend other data storing software other than google sheets?


I meant parse the variable from Google sheets into a date type.

You do not need to parse the now variable, which is already of date type.

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Is this what you mean?

Yup, make sure it matches the format exactly. It looks like you might have used an incorrect/inconsistent format.

I can’t help with the format because you haven’t provided any examples.


I have adjusted the date format for it to match

But still not sending me the email

Hey @Mufeed

You can try this

Your service due date is 26/05/2025, which is later than now but not earlier than now. Therefore, you can use the dummy date to check this automation.


17 + 7 = 24

Your date is 26.

The filter is already correct. You just need to wait 2 more days.

Don’t use parseDate on the now variable, it is already of a date type.


Really appreciate both of your assistance

@samliew As shown in excel data sheet, I have included multiple rows with different dates so that the program is able to run without constantly having to fix/change the dates. I have done as suggested, but still it doesn’t work

Just to check if anything else is wrong, I’ve added pics of the functions used for the sheets and mail modules:

Again, really appreciate your help