Filter doesn't iterate through the rest of array/bundle when condition isn't met


I want to filter out Email #1 (red) from array, and process Email #2 (green). However, it stops the whole process after processing Email #1, and doesn’t even process Email #2. What gives? I tried it without the array aggregator (just filtering directly from the Google Calendar module) and the same thing happens - operation still stops.

Note: Due to the random arrangement of arrays, sometimes Email #2 appears before Email #1, in which case the operation is successful. It’s when Email #1 appears first that the operation stops.

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Looks like you’ll need to move your filter to before the aggregator, as it appears you want to exclude a specific email address.

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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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Hi @samliew, I appreciate the prompt response.

I tried moving the filter to before the Array aggregator as you mentioned and I still get the same problem.



I will upload blueprint + output bundle in a sec but I need to delete sensitive information.

Ah, then you’ll need to Iterate the attendees array to filter some out.

Calendar > Iterator + Filter > Text Aggregator


Bundle content from Google Calendar module:

        "kind": "calendar#event",
        "etag": "REDACTED",
        "id": "REDACTED",
        "status": "confirmed",
        "htmlLink": "",
        "created": "2023-12-18T13:55:01.000Z",
        "updated": "2023-12-18T13:55:02.534Z",
        "summary": "REDACTED",
        "description": "REDACTED",
        "location": "Google",
        "creator": {
            "email": "EMAIL_I_DONT_WANT(REDACTED)",
            "self": true
        "organizer": {
            "email": "EMAIL_I_DONT_WANT(REDACTED)",
            "self": true
        "start": "2024-01-24T20:00:00.000Z",
        "end": "2024-01-24T21:00:00.000Z",
        "iCalUID": "",
        "sequence": 0,
        "attendees": [
                "email": "EMAIL_I_DONT_WANT(REDACTED)",
                "organizer": true,
                "self": true,
                "responseStatus": "accepted"
                "email": "EMAIL_I_WANT(REDACTED)",
                "responseStatus": "accepted"
        "hangoutLink": "",
        "conferenceData": {
            "createRequest": {
                "requestId": "REDACTED",
                "conferenceSolutionKey": {
                    "type": "hangoutsMeet"
                "status": {
                    "statusCode": "success"
            "entryPoints": [
                    "entryPointType": "video",
                    "uri": "",
                    "label": ""
            "conferenceSolution": {
                "key": {
                    "type": "hangoutsMeet"
                "name": "Google Meet",
                "iconUri": "REDACTED"
            "conferenceId": "REDACTED"
        "reminders": {
            "useDefault": true
        "eventType": "default"

Can you provide more detail on how to execute? If I put the filter after the array aggregator, I am still running into the same problem (which was my original post)

I tried Iterator as you mentioned, but the filter doesn’t distinguish between each bundle; it only filters using value. For example, I have Description in Bundle # 2. If I have the email in the Description, it omits that entire bundle:

If you’ve Iterated the attendees array, you should be able to access the Email property for the filter.

I do not see any “description” property in the attendees objects? You must be mapping incorrectly.


I do not need to see your output. I only need to see how you’ve mapped them. Provide screenshots of:

  • Your iterator settings
  • Your filter settings