Filter help

Hi there

I’m trying to create a filter that does not allow jpgs and pngs (i’m trying to clear out emails that attach signature images as images).

What am I doing wrong? Any hep welcomed :slight_smile:

Hi @Orange_Property

You need to split the filter:

Attachment exists
Does not end with… .jpg
Attachment exists
Does not end with… .png


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Thanks for the help!

I still can’t make this work the way I need it to.

  • I need to receive the email with attachments (sometimes multiple)
  • First gate, is there an attachment at all? This I think is working well
  • Then I believe I need to use an Iterator to split attachements out.

This is where i’m running into trouble

  • I need to let any potential invoices through (pdfs mostly, but could be other doc types)
  • But if there is ONLY pngs or jpgs attached I need to route to an email that tells the sender to resend with an attached invoice.

I cannot figure out the filter logic, because if I send a test with a PDF and a PNG, I get both the ‘thanks for sending an invoice’ and ‘you haven’t attached an invoice’ emails.

Would welcome any advice!