Filter on value of a field in a collection

Hi guys,

I’m getting confused with Bundles, Iterators, Array Aggregators, and how to proceed to the next step in my scenario if a filter does not exist. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction?

The use-case is to create a Work Order for a Property Management company only if a specific work order has previously not been made.

My input is a list of WOs (and their data) from querying an API. This returns 4 different WOs in the query Data:


Each of the 4 WOs contains various fields and values:

I want to be able to test if a specific category value is NOT present in the list of returned WOs, then do something later in my scenario. E.g. of the 4 WOs initially returned, if one of them has the value for category = A, then perform an action X, otherwise perform action Y.

Any ideas on how to approach this would be much appreciated!

Hi @Dennis_Gee

You can place a router right after the required module and set up filters for two paths.

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