Filters Not Activating

I’m new to Make so apologies if I’ve missed a trick somewhere with my scenario setup.

I have a scenario where a mailhook receives new email enquiries, text parser then sends email body text to GPT module, GPT creates key:value list of enquiry details. I then have a series of Airtable lookup and create record modules split by routers and filters that check if company and contact exist (adding if not, moving to next step if so), before finally adding the new enquiry.

All works perfectly, except that the filters aren’t working - they don’t seem to be activating at all, as all bundles just pass straight through them and no record of filtering when I run the scenario.

Below are screenshots showing the overall scenario (including data/bundles being generated through the scenario (noting when I ran this, the data should have gone down at the first router not up) and the 2nd image shows the filter condition for upper route of the first router module (i.e. new company, so Airtable lookup bundles from previous step should be zero to proceed).

What have I missed?


Instead of using {{28. Total number of bundles}}, trying using the raw name which is



That’s two underscores at the beginning and end.

Edit: Had to try to escape the underscores so that they don’t render as markdown


To render this without escaping the text, use the Preformatted Text button, which adds backticks:


then it’ll look like this




Awesome thanks for the tip!