Find all cells containing "-" and clear the cell

New to Make and hoping somebody can help me with this quick one. I’m trying to create a scenario that will search newly saved google sheets for cells that contain the value “-” and clear those cells.

I have a data feed that comes to a gmail account as an attachment and I have Make taking that attachment and saving it to my google drive. The problem I’m running into is that feed automatically puts a “-” in place of a 0 in empty fields and when I then use Make to create a thing in, it errors out due to the field requires a number, not text.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have looked everywhere for this topic and have had zero luck. I have even tried Zapier and had no luck!

Couldn’t you use a text replace module to remove those on the fly before sending it to BubbleIO?


I’m new to using Make and didnt realize there is a different text replace module. I will look at that now. Thank you for your reponse!

Could you give an example of a scenario that would accomplish this? I tried using the text parser replace but I must be missing something in the settings to get it to work.

You can find it here, or just type “replace” in the module search

If you need more help, do share screenshots of your scenario & modules setup.