Find all file names that contains X string

Hi there!
I’m starting with Make, testing out the potential, and I’m creating a really simple scenario (I’m feeling so stupid, seriously haha).
Scenario connects every 30 minutes to an FTP, and I want it to search for every file called **marca2.php.**XXXXX whatever it is after that dot (represented by X that are numbers) and delete them.
How can I do so? I’ve been able to run it writting manually the whole name of a file, but I can not manage to solve the issue of getting every file starting with that. What would be the variable? Other software that I’ve used are * orr [*], tried both and doesn’t work.

Thank you so much!!!

@petaqui use a “search for files” moduke first to find all files you want to get deleted.
Then after that module, use the delete and map each file from the search before.

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Hi there! Thanks! But I have the same issue. How can I search for those files? That string only searches for that specific name, no variables like marca2.php.123 . And ofc, I can’ put just a file extension as that would delete way too many other files.
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