Finding stuff about Make

I’m new to this and “make” seems extremely easy to use. I’ve used other platforms and this one seems very well done, but the name is HORRIBLE for finding information.

Right now I’m just trying to find the “make” add-on for google sheets, but I can’t find it.

The word “make” is used in almost everything. When I try to find information on the internet about how to make things work, a search is useless.

ie. “make” in the add-on search in google sheets, 100 things come up, but not the make add-on
ie. “find make add-on in google sheets” brings up 1,000 entries about other things

Do the integromat add-ons and solutions work with make?

Does anyone have any tips?


Hi @Matthew_Saragusa
Yeah integromat add-ons work with so far.


Howdy @Matthew_Saragusa Welcome to the :make: Make Community!


google advanced search operators should help this situation a bit, what I also do is

“module”, “integration”, “clear a cell module” “add a row module” being a little more specific can help, but tbh

I still search

"XYZ thing integromat

:make: Make is integromat version 2 (literally) until recently the devtools still had it listed that way in the documentation, the make chrome extension, is the “integromat devtool” chrome extension.

99% of things that answer integromat questions, apply to :make: make

also sprinkling in integromat/make specific terms like IMT/IML also helps.

also because of the core of how make operates is driven by established web technologies(like restful apis, graphql, json etc), a non “make specific answer” can apply to make, once you figure out the patterns.

Hope this helps!

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These are all great answers! Thanks.

I just used the integromat add-on.