Form with Lookup Filter to Search and add Multiple Items

Hi There!

I’m seeking a form solution that meets the following requirements for a purchase requisition form:

  1. Search Field: A search field that allows users to select from around 2000 items (scalability is important).
  2. Dynamic Update: Upon selecting an item, another field should dynamically update to show the available types of units for the selected item.
  3. Quantity Field: A field for entering the quantity of the selected item.
  4. Add Multiple Items: Users should be able to add multiple items, each with the above three fields.

Does anyone know of any form services that offer these features, particularly those available in Make or with a compatible API?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Where is the data stored? Looks like you’re asking for a JavaScript frontend UI kind of form, and might have little to do with Make.

It is possible to code the JS for this manually, or you might possibly use Formidable Forms plugin for Wordpress, which has fields like Dynamic and Lookup fields.

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The data is stored on our ERP (API). Their interface for purchase requisitions is awful. That’s I’m looking for an external option that already has Make modules.

I will take a look at Formidable forms. Thanks!