From fun to business idea. Does anyone do this? Automation side business

I have been using make for fun recently and through hours of exploration I finally understood the potential it can have on a businesses efficiency. This got me thinking that there must be a way to do this for businesses who do not want to take the time to learn this or simply do not know it exists. I work in cybersecurity and have a lot of down time (as commonly known lol) and was thinking of starting to this on the side. The idea is still premature with a lot of planning to do but I’d love to know if anyone else does this, any tips they have, how they started etc. Please leave your comments!

Thanks everyone and have a great day!

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Hi. Make isn’t a side business for us… it’s a fundamental part of how we work. We have extensive integrations that include…

  1. processing leads from websites
  2. gathering, collating and processing information from clients
  3. generating proposals with integrated eSignatures
  4. Triggering complex workflows when contracts are signed
  5. Raising invoices
  6. Generating reports
  7. Using APIs to integrate with other systems.

and this is before you even consider AI integrations

honestly the list is endless. Not everything can be automated but start with the non-value-added repetitive admin tasks. Those are the low-hanging fruit and while not necessarily sexy, they will free you up to work on the more important work.


Thanks for the info, it’s great to get a professionals perspective on this. Do you provide these services externally or do you do these internally for your business? Either way thank you for providing some examples I’m still trying to understand which areas I want to focus on.

Hi Adam,
I’ll be happy to get in touch and discuss something privately- feel free to send me a line at
Thanks! :slight_smile: