Get columns in Google Sheets

Hey there, I have a Google sheet that lists my staff information with name, email and a tag.

I am attempting to Get a list of the values in Column A so I can map them to a dynamic field in my CRM. I have figured out how to do the mapping, and I am now looking for a way to list the data in just Column A.

The output goal would be
1 John
2 Jack
3 Sarah
4 Jill

I have looked up that it might have to do with a repeater and an aggregator but I cant seem to configure it right. Thanks!

Hello @Harrison_Riehle nice to meet you.

You can use Search row(advance) and use select A as query

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Heya @Harrison_Riehle :wave:

Just wondering whether the pointers from @Wemakefuture helped you achieve what your were looking to do.

If so, could you please :white_check_mark: mark the reply as a solution? It helps keep the community tidy.

Thanks a lot :pray:

It kind of did. I can mark it as done.

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