Get image URL from chatgpt

Hi, in the scenario:
ChatGPT Module generates an image.
I need to use the image in 2 ways:

  1. export to Wordpress to be the Featured File of wordpress. This is why I i defined in the chatgpt module “response format=image file”.
  2. Use the image URL in google sheet.

The problem: once the response format is “image file”, how can I still get the image url. How can I get the wordpress featured image URL? Which module and field?

Choose one or the other.

If you choose image URL, you still can get the file later using a HTTP “Get a file” module.

If you choose image file, you have to use your own file hosting storage if you want a link.


regarding the 2nd option: I am using my own file hosting sotrage, because the file is stored in the media section of my Wordpress, hence in the wordpress storage. How can I get the Features image link from Wordpress. Would the Male wordpress module “get a Post” be usefull? how?

Wordpress has four modules that allow you to retrieve and manipulate files