Getting an array of images according to the count displayed in URL

I’ve made an automation where make is pulling a URL that holds a group of images.

The URL looks like this as an example:

If the group of images had 5 images, the URL would look like this:

Every image is at a subsequent address that looks like this:

Here’s what that looks like mapped in make:

The pink tag that says “multi-image” is generating the unique URL.

This is working nicely! As long as I have a group of exactly 5 images!

It it’s less, it will fail to upload to my CMS (webflow multi-image field).

My question is this:
Is there a way to tell to look at the URL for the number of images available (that last part that says “~5” means there are 5 images. If it said “~4” I would want it to only try to retrieve 4).

In other words, can I have make look at the last few characters of that URL and make a decision based off of that?

I hope this makes sense! Thanks for your time.

I’m basically trying to tell make:

"If this URL contains “~2”, then give value A
If it does not contain “~2”, then leave this blank

I just don’t know how to write that out.

What you want to do is,

  1. Add a repeater that will have an initial value of 1 and repeat to value will be,


  1. Use Array aggregator after the iterator, whereby set the Target structure type as Product Image Gallery and there set the URL for product images which will be,


  1. In the Product Image Gallery, Use the Map option and set the output of array iterator there


For the array aggregator, do I need custom variables? Does that URL value look right?

{iterator_ouput} will be the output of repeater, it will be i.

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Brilliant! It worked! I don’t know what magic this is, but thanks.