Getting Specific Text from Chat GPT Response


I am working on an automation that posts my blog posts to social media automatically.

Part of my scenario includes using Chat GPT to summarize a blog post and generate an optimized Title and description for Pinterest.

The ChatGPT module outputs the Title and description in one output - and I am wondering how i can extract 1 specific value i.e the title OR description as i need to input it into the Pinterest create a post module.

Here is an example of my chat gpt output:

Any direction is greatly appreciated.

Hey @trish

You can change the prompt like this to get specific results.

For example, you can write in the prompt, 'Give results separated by commas or and patterns
And use split function.

Or you can write ‘give the result in JSON format’ and use a parse JSON.

this will solve your problem


Hi there,

Thanks so much. I will give those a try!

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