Getting value from a Google Spread Sheet and then subtracting 1 from it and updating the cell

Hello, I am new to make and I was wondering if it was possible to get a value from a Google Sheet cell and then subtracting 1 from it and then updating the cell.

Everytime I get the value from the cell it is text base and the sheet cell is number and I do not see any functions to convert text to number and then do a simple calculation. Thank you.

Hey Dat, I just tested this and I have not experienced this error. I tried with the number in google sheets formatted as both numeric and text based.

I just made a scenario where I grabbed a Cell, then used the subtraction operator to minus 1

Are you using the subtraction operator? The little green icon under “math functions”


Thanks for the reply. I was not using the actual operator under math function. I was using the key typed operator. Thanks for the heads up. I know to use the operators that are provided. Thanks.