Gmail gWorkspace error: This app is blocked

Hi all :slight_smile:
Trying to use the gmail module and when I log in using a work google account (not @gmail) I keep getting this access error from google. Any ideas as to how to override that? Thanks :pray:

Hey Kyle,

Can you specify which error exactly youโ€™re getting? :slight_smile:

Screenshots could also help

Hi sorry about that was on my phone last night. Sure thing this is what i get:

This app is blocked

This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.

I was just thinking im still on the workplace trial for 14 days - do you think that has an impact? I am able to connect to Google Sheets through that account so I dont know know.

Appreciate your help thanks!

Hey @Kyle_Behrend I havenโ€™t seen this error before, but it could be something that happend within your gWorkspace organization by policy. Try to follow the following guide and check your API app access permissions.
Mine looks like this, but maybe yours is blocked?

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