Gmail search

Does anyone know a way to search gmail messages outside of the watch/trigger of an scenario?

I would like to create a scenario that uses information from a Data Store as the search criteria in Gmail. From what I see though the search only exists in the watch module of gmail and can’t be added as an action later in the scenario.

Has anyone done this with the API, or know if it’s possible? I’m new to API calls but thought that might be a way to do it.

I came up with a work around for my use case. If anyone has any other thoughts I’d love to hear them but here’s my workaround:

The goal was to search Gmail for email receipts from my expense tracking, then I would create PDFs and save them to google drive. I was trying to find the receipts based on criteria before saving them as PDF.

I realized that I could create the PDFs and save them to google drive. Then I could search the files in google drive to do the renaming and other things I need to do to the files. I just had to change where the search happened, because the drive search is capable of being mid scenario.

Hi @cre8iongroup
Didn’t realize Gmail module doesn’t have a search in it. It’s weird.

One solution I can think of is, auto forwarding your emails to an outlook email account. Outlook module does have search option in it.

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