Google Calendar Date Saves 1 Day Early

Hi. I created a Make scenario that connects the free version of HubSpot CRM to Google Calendar.

The Make scenario trigger is “Watch Records” for HubSpot CRM. For this “Watch Records” trigger I chose recent changes in any “Deals” property.

Then a module for Google Calendar was added to the Make scenario. I set this Google Calendar module as a Detailed Event.

This is the property it is pulling from in HubSpot (shown below).

You can see (shown above) that the date is May 11. Yet, the date that is saved in Google Calendar is May 10 (shown below).
Screenshot Google Calendar

The only thing I can figure out is that the date in HubSpot is long string of numbers. This is what HubSpot is passing to Make as the date: 1652227200000

Why is this happening? What is the solution? Thanks.

Have you checked your time zone?

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Good question. Yes. The time zones in Make and Google Calendar are both Eastern Time Zone (New York). Thanks.

The numeric timestamp you’re seeing may be an “epoch” timestamp. It can be converted using the parseDate function with the X format structure

So parseDate(timestamp;X) will give you the actual time being passed. Have a look at it and see what it is.


Thanks. I would have definitely typed that function in, but I did not know where to go to type that function. I decided to just do a ghetto rig and create a normal text field (instead of a date field) where I type the date in. It’s been saving to the correct spot on the calendar. (If I was a web developer or computer programmer, I wouldn’t take shortcuts, but I’m just setting these automations up for an unrelated business.)