Google Docs and HTLM

I’m trying to add some text in a Gdocs document, with 2 level bullelist, from a Notion database.
One propritey on level 1 and an other on level 2 (image 1)
I tried the module Gdocs “Insert a paragraph to a Document”, with a “Tab” in the 'appended text", but Make doesn’t seem to understand the bulletlist system on google docs (image 2)

IMAGE 1: What I want:

IMAGE 2: What I get:


I’ve also try to remplace my text by HTLM (maybe wrong ?) I’ve find, but it’s just write the code without apply it:

It’s maybe a realy easy one for you, but I’m lost…
Thx all.

Your list is a list inside a list.
Try this structure:

<html><ul><li><ul><li>Your content</li></ul></li></ul></html>