Google Docs Template for a list of items

I feel like I’m missing something because I’m new at all this. I have 2 tables in Airtable: Invoice and Products. I want to export an invoice into Google Docs using a template. In the Google Doc template, there is a table listing all the products and their price.

Invoice Airtable
In the Invoice table, there’s a Products column listing what I thought to be a product object.

Products Airtable

The data is showing up in Make Airtable module okay. It seems that Product array is an array of string instead of object.

I’ve followed this instruction on how to setup my Word/Docs template:
And, my Google Docs template looks like this:

I can get 1-to-1 data to show up, like Customer Name, Quote ID, etc. But when it comes to listing all the products that’s a part of the invoice, my I am unable to do so. When I map Products from Airtable to {{#Products}} I get this error:

  • The operation failed with an error. [400] Invalid JSON payload received. Unknown name “replaceText” at ‘requests[4].replace_all_text’: Proto field is not repeating, cannot start list.

What am I missing?

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Hello @spence nice to meet you.

You can try to use an Iterator to iterate the array and after that use Text aggregator module following this example:

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Hi there,

Thank you for getting back to me. That didn’t quite do what I wanted to do. Your suggestion would combine 3 products into one string, which will show up in 1 cell in GDocs template like this:

What I’m hoping to accomplish is to list out each product and price in a row in the GDocs template like this:


Sorry for the misunderstanding in the first answer.

To do this you would have to use an iterator and for each bundle you need to have a different tag on each row in your table, but that would mean that the array always comes with the same length, so if you don’t meet this criterion you can’t do it this way.

Alternatively you could use Google sheet to create a template and after you create the template and add the non-array tags you can add products on different rows by simply using Update a row module where you add your Products one by one on different rows.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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