Google Drive Access to "Shared with me" folder

Hello everyone,

I use a Google Workspace account for a scenario with Google Drive. I need to check the new files on folder “shared with me”.

When a client shares drives with us (sharing done from another Google business team). In the GDrive interface, the external share is present on “Drive shared with me” and the files/folders are accessible.

The Oauth2 connection has been set up and we are accessing our Google Drives fine in the scenarios. I see the folders in my drive, so I think the module is correctly configured.

But with the “shared with me” option in Make, it does not find the folders shared with me that I see in the GDrive interface. It initiates a connection but returns nothing back in the module, no error, no 400 error.

In the GDrive API, i see the calls to the API and without errors.

I think I’m using the right option ‘share with me’ of the Gdrive module because i’m not in the team the share originated from. But It can’t find the folders shared with me.

I’ve added other API methods for Drive, but nothing changes.

If you have an idea ? Thanks a lot.

Hi there!

Do you have access to the Shared Drive folder as a whole? If so, this seems to be a bug, have you reported this a bug to the Make team? It should show up the shared folders/files based on my testing.