Google drive, convert file to google sheet

I use python to get data from API.

Python will give output as csv file.

That folder the python is in, it’s google drive folder (using desktop app)

Now I want to use that csv data and use as google sheet and perform few automations.

What’s the best way to do it?

That csv has 1000’s of rows of data and multiple 3 sheet inside of it.

You should turn this setting on in Google Drive:


This way, the CSV is automatically converted into a Google Sheet directly upon upload.

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Got this error @samliew I would appreciate your help!

I have tried to use “/speadsheet_id” but not working

Your sheet wasn’t converted to Google Sheets, it’s in xslx format I think.

My uploaded CSV looks like this, which meant it was converted automatically by Google

If you are unable to get it to auto-convert, you can try use the module “Download a file” and “Upload a file” with the convert setting turned on (in the advanced settings).

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