Google Drive data not loading

Hi, I’m trying my first scenario that:

  • watches a google drive folder
  • downloads a new video file
  • adds it to LInkedIn as a video post

… but I keep getting the attached error.

Can anyone help?

I think you just need to specify the folder in My Drive. If you click inn the red box a drop down should appear.

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Unfortunately not. It just gives me the error again.

Can you open your browser console (F12), and go to the Network Tab,

Then open your module settings,

Then click on the network request starting with “connections”,

Then copy the code in the Response sub-tab?


Thanks for asking, @samliew. I figured it out.

The solution was to:

  • open the Drive module
  • click Advanced settings
  • add the Client ID and Client Secret

The full details are outlined in this article:

Thanks, everyone!

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Hello @MakeItTillYouMakeIt and welcome to our community :wave:

Great job figuring out your problem here with the assistance of @Shawn and @samliew. I’m very excited to see you were able to solve this puzzle! :muscle:

Also thanks a lot for coming back here with the solution. This way we keep and nourish our community to stay healthy and neat. We appreciate it!

Keep up the great work! :gift:

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