Google Drive upload file from public URL

In Zapier, there is a method to have Google Drive upload a file from a publicly-available URL (See screenshot)

Is there a way to do this in Make? The standard Upload a File modules doesn’t seem to handle it, but then, I can’t find much information in the Google Drive API docs either.

Has anyone ever done this before in Make?

You can use 1SaaS temp URL for this purpose or any other kind of FTP.

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Here is another way to achieve it, use the HTTP module “Get a File” action to get any file in Make environment

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@SebastianMertens and then what? I’m not super familiar with 1Saas, but I know some people use it to augment Make for some things.

You’re saying we could use 1Saas to get the file from the public download URL and store it on an FTP server hosted by them, and then push the contents of the file to Google Drive somehow from there?