Google Drive "Watch files in a folder" module does not exist?

I am having trouble finding the “Watch files in a folder” module in Google Drive. They are not on my list, and I need to use them.

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The Watch files in a folder module is a trigger module, which means you can only use it as the first module in a scenario.

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hi, it seems to work only when a file is created or “re saved”. but if a file is uploaded to the drive it wont trigger. Is there a solution for this?

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Could you please create a separate topic for this?

While it’s tempting to continue an existing thread, a more effective approach would be to start a new topic. It helps other community users to respond to your query, and keeps our space organised for everyone. If you start a new conversation you are also more likely to get help from other users. You can refer others back to a related topic by including that link in your question. Thank you for understanding and keeping our community neat and tidy.

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