Google maps scraping for emails

I am having trouble scraping goole maps for email addresses. My scenario is supposed to scrape a random area for businesses and scrape their email addresses. Attached is the error it gives me which is something is wrong with my billing. I checked my google account for something wrong and there is nothing wrong. Please help.

This appears to be an issue with your Outscraper account, not Google.


Here is the link to contact Outscraper support.

Looks like the free tier only allows you a lifetime limit of 500 business “exports” combined. After that you’ll have to pay Outscraper for more scraping. You might have already retrieved info for 500 businesses unknowingly using Make.


If you are attempting to scrape a limited set of 100 results, you can reduce the scraping limit within the outScraper Module settings.


THanks. I got passed that. Donald was right it was an outscraper issue. I fixed that now I have this issue. It says my chat gpt reached its limits but I have a paid for subscription to chat gpt. So I can use unlimited 3.5 inqueries. any ideas?

ChatGPT Plus” and “OpenAI GPT-4 models” are two separate products.

You might have bought the consumer chat “Plus” version version at, which is NOT compatible with Make.

OpenAI APIs for developer / “commercial” use via APIs does not have any free plan.

You can buy credits on the OpenAI Developer Dashboard, under Accounts > Billing page

Next, go to the Usage Limits page, and set the Monthly budget field to the same as the value above (e.g.: 120), then save your changes.