Google Sheet API is not working properly

Hello Makers,

I’ve been working with the Google Sheet API and have encountered an issue.
While the GET method functions as expected, I’m facing challenges with the POST method. Specifically, I receive a “404” error message each time I attempt to use it.

Could you please provide assistance on this matter?
Thank you.

Hi @scho

This is mainly occur due to permission denied. So please make sure that the spreadsheet id is correct and you have the necessary access to the relevant sheet.

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You need to specify the URL correctly


  1. Replace the long string of characters with the sheet ID of your sheet its in the URL of the sheet.
  2. The second part of the URL is the name of the sheet within the spreadsheet you specified.
  3. Then then you need to put append at the end.
  4. Add the query variable valueInputOption
  5. Set the valueInputOption value to RAW or see API for other options

Hi @Tony42

Followed your awesome guide. Any thoughts why I would be getting an error 400: INVALID_ARGUMENT - Unable to parse range.

It finds the Sheet ok, but somehow expects a range? I did try adding in “:a:Z” after Sheet1 but doesn’t change the result.