Google Sheet (Batch) Custom App

:rocket:Now start saving 1000s of operation. Yes, we have just released Google Sheet (Batch) Custom App.

Here are the Features:

:white_check_mark: Batch Update of data

:white_check_mark: Batch Append of data

:white_check_mark: Batch Clear of rows

:white_check_mark: Sort Data

:white_check_mark: Format and Align Header

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Grab the app for just $49 (for the first 10 users)

Coupon Code: MSQUARE49

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29 purchases so far. That’s incredible. We are extending the offer to the first 50 users. Hope you will love our tool saving tons of operations❤


Cool product. Are you storing the data somewhere to make these changes so fast?

Concerned about security.

How does it work?

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No, we have built this app using Google OAuth and Google APIs. Google provides a facility to batch append/update data.

Hey everyone, thought I’d leave a quick review on this custom app. I rely heavily on Google Sheets and was processing hundreds of rows daily with Make, but through this app I was able to drop that number to just a couple (which is HUGE for me). Easy to install and further support from Msquare was great. If you are sitting on the fence then I’d highly recommend to give it a try.

This is NOT endorsed by Msquare and something I chose to do simply because I think they deserve it.