Google sheet header in the arbitrary row

Is it possible to set up reading the google sheets is such way that the header row is not in the first row, but is a specified row? For instance if you have several orders of headers and you want to use the lower one for Make, but still have top ones for convenient structure purposes.

Maybe the other way is to skip the first n rows, but I am also unsure how to set it up.

Any suggestions?

I would suggest atleast if you are getting a range of cell values to try clicking on the “Table Contains Headers Section” clicking “Yes” and then you can specify the range of cells your headers are in.

Another possible way might be to edit the range of within the Make extensions in Google Sheets

Hope this is what you were looking for?


Thank you for the comment.

Regarding the first option I am a bit confused: I don’t have this “Row with headers” option, at least not in the Search or Edit modules, it is only no or yes - and then it is the first row.

Regarding the second option - thank you. I will explore and hopefully it will help.

Hi, when you click the “Yes” button that option should appear.

That only works this way with “Get Range Values” and doesn’t work this way with “Search Rows”, “Update rows” etc. The ones that one uses the most.

By the way a webhook has its own downside - if I understand correctly how it works, not selected area becomes completely inaccessible. Thus if one wishes to access one part of the table by one script and the other by other script, then he is stuck.

Thus - still looking for a scalable solution.