Google sheet image url to telegram

Hey Community,

I’m new and a bit lost.
I have a google sheet with cells containing images as url (=IMAGE(“URL”))
I’m making a scenario where I create a message for telegram from that google sheet.

How do I set up the telegram module to display the image and not the link?

thanks for your help

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Hello @Reiser nice to meet you.

Can you give us more details please? What kind of image URL’s do you use to upload the image. Send some screenshots with the module Google Sheets output, and your Telegram module.

I have to know exactly what Telegram module you are using to find out if supports image format as input.
As a first try, after the Google Sheet module you can use HTTP Get a File module where you map the image URL, and after that you can upload the file in Telegram.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


Hi @Reiser ,
welcome to the community ,
If telegram module is asking you to pass the URL of image you directly pass that link and if it is asking you to map the file or pass the data , before the telegram module please use the HTTP get a file module and pass your URL to that module and then map this result output in your telegram module

thank you !!!