Google sheet "Watch changes", No time to retrieve all modified cells

From Googlesheet “watch change”, I need to retrieve all modified cells but when I run one, I have no time to modifiy the concerning cells and it returns only the first modified cell into my spreadsheet . Do I put a sleep tool or running every 15 minutes ? Thank you for your help

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Instant/webhook modules set to “Immediately” run immediately as soon as the external service sends data to the webhook.

You can also set a schedule on your webhook so that the queue only gets processed according to the schedule.

For more information, see Scheduling webhooks processing


@Greeg i haven’t tried scheduling method as sam suggsests. If that works then its great.

Otherwise i will suggest to use “get range values” module and you can get other columns information too.

But as far as i understand from watch changes module it troggers for each columns not collectively for rows.

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Thank you @samliew ! I’ll check the link

Thank you @Princy, I’m also going to try your method :wink:

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