Google Sheets 500: Internal Error

I am currently building a suite of automations for a business I’m partnering with. We are using a combination of different integrations, including Google Sheets.

We are about to roll everything out to production and I am now doing load testing in line with what is to be expected in live use.

One of the automations calls on Google Sheets to make multiple copies of a sheet that was just created off of a template. I am getting back at 500: Internal Error a few jobs in. From initial research, it looks like there are limits to how often the API can be called. I imagine that limit is set for specific accounts.

I’m having trouble finding workarounds or additional details on how to configure extended limits in my Google account and would really appreciate any help!

Thank you!

I’m not quite sure if the rate limits can even be increased, but here’s a suggestion:

You could try using/staggering different connections using different Google Cloud OAuth apps (but accessing the same data).


hmm I assume you mean different Google OAuth accounts? I did notice that my different accounts come up as separate workspaces, but I can just share access to the necessary drives/folders, etc.
I do think there are ways to increase limits by paying for workspace services but will keep digging on that front as well.
Either way, thanks for the response Sam! Let me know if you’d like me to share any updates on what I find

I’d be very interested to know if there are any solutions to this! Please do share if you manage to figure something out.


hey @samliew - believe you’re right that we can’t change the API limits for their workspace apps. I’m trying to figure out if we can deploy the workspace in a paid project cloud.

Are you aware of any other reasons I would get a 500 internal error? I’m staring to see the error even when I shouldn’t have hit the limit… thanks!