Google Sheets BundleValidation error

Hey guys, I’m trying to build a flow to do the following but for some reason, when I tried to hit " Run this module only" onGoogle sheet, its giving me an error (see screenshot below)

I also tried to hit “run scenario”, but it seems like it won’t run through the entire thing and it stoped after the first model. How can i fix that?

Here is also the URL to the scenario if that’s helpful!

you need to put single value aspect of full collection in sheet row
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Is this what you are talking about?

Yes this three approach need to debug

  1. Data Mapping: Review how you are mapping data from the Google Form response to the “Add Row” module in Google Sheets. Ensure that you are mapping individual fields correctly. If you are mapping a collection, make sure it matches the structure expected by the module.
  2. Parameter Expectations: Check the documentation for the “Add Row” module in Google Sheets to understand the expected format for the parameters. Make sure you are providing the appropriate data types and formats for each parameter.
  3. Value Formatting: If you are mapping values that need to be converted to text, ensure that you are using functions like “ToString()” or “Format()” to explicitly convert non-text values to text before passing them to the module.
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Thanks, Tanvee, I reviewed the documentation but am still a bit confused.

What else should I add or change to the premertors here? Below is a screenshot of the sheet itself if that’s helpful.

For example, I tried the different value formatting you mentioned, but this is what it shows on my google sheet now. It is still not giving me the exact response as it is filled out on the form

Ok update… I used Raw() in the parameters. But only in the email row on google sheet it is showing the exact data I inputed, under “name” and “Business name”, it is showing "Collections