Google Sheets Button to Trigger Scenario


I want to trigger a scenario in Google Sheets via a button.

Have created the Button (assigned it to the function), the Script via AppsScript and added a WebHook as a trigger in the Scenario:

The issue I am facing is after I click on the Button, the Scenario does not run at all.

To get the Scenario to run, I need to click the ‘Run Once’ button at the bottom of the Scenario and let the Scenario wait for new data. Only then when I click the Button in Sheets does the Scenario run.

Which part of the configuration did I not setup correctly?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @fabianlim

You are doing everything correctly.
You simply need to activate your scheduling
Screenshot 2023-12-31 152006


That worked, @Abhishek!

Thank you so much!

Would be good if admin updated the instructions here:

Thanks again!

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Welcome to the Make community! I’m glad you got that sorted.

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