Google Sheets Webhook Question About Columns

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I have set up a Google Sheets watch instant webhook. My question is, can I access the data in rows after column Z. As shown below, it only goes to Z.
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I’m not sure if it picks up the range automatically however you can configure this in Google Sheets.
First Make the Make GSheets Add-on is installed.

Then go over to configure this Add-on in the extensions toolbar.
Make sure to select the Range along with the Sheet.

This should solve your problem.

Let me try that and see if it pulls in more rows.

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I modified the range in the add on. I think what is happening is that is not giving me access to any column after Z to map data to in subsequent modules. This is what I am trying to figure out.

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I tried it and it seemed to work. It just names the Columns past Z as 26,27 etc

That’s exactly what I need. But for some reason I am not getting anything past Z. Are you doing some sort of reset or refresh.

I would save the changes there. Then I would update data in the extended range then make sure you rerun the trigger module and hopefully that should work.

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You just saved me and my day! Thank you. It worked now.