Google Slide hyperlinks

Problem Description:
I’m having difficulty with generating hyperlinks on Google Slides. Specifically:

  1. Google Slides doesn’t support HTML or markdown, hence integrating hyperlinks directly is challenging.
  2. I developed an AppScript to circumvent this. The script accepts slideDeckId, targetText, and targetLink to create hyperlinks within slides.
  3. The script was deployed as a web app, providing endpoint access.
  4. Manually copying and pasting the produced URL works, activating the Google authentication process.
  5. However, using it as an OAuth 2.0 HTTP request via Make is unsuccessful, leading to a 404 response.

Steps Taken:

  1. Verified the URL on Hoppscotch and received a 200 response.
  2. Transferred all headers from Hoppscotch to Make, thinking the absence of some headers might be causing the issue, yet the error remains.

Included screenshots show the configuration details of the connection, module, and respective error messages.

Has anyone faced a similar problem or can shed some light on possible solutions? Your insights would be invaluable.

Thank you for your attention and assistance!

make authorization flow_B

OAuth connection 2.0_B