Google Slides - Create a Presentation From a Template - Presentation ID

Hey everyone!

I am making a scenario that should make a Google Slide presentation from data that is coming from my CRM.

Step 1) Webook from my CRM - Contains data fields that I can map
Step 2) Make a Google Slide presentation from a template presentation I have with the data from my CRM webhook.

On the Google Slide module, I choose “By Dropdown” for “Copy a Presentation ID”.

However, when I go into the folder that has the template presentation, I do not see the template file to choose.

I have also tried “By Mapping” for “Copy a Presentation ID” and put in my Presentation ID however I get this error when I try to run the scenario.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


First is that you need to have the template selected, if it’s still not showing, can you please double-check if your Google Slides module is connected to the correct Google account? If you’re connected to the correct account then you should be able to select the correct presentation ID.

Next is that based on the screenshot, the slide is not created due to this error. Looks like you’re mapping a collection type field from webhook to that specific field in Google Slides module. In this case, when mapping, you need to map the text value under that mapped field.